Spilo Worldwide is a leading manufacturer, Importer and Master Distributor in the Professional Beauty Products Industry, and has been for nearly 60 years. Servicing all classes of trade, the company markets over 4,500 products in more than 45 countries.

Spilo Worldwide offers a full range of products for the Beauty Professional such as: shears, dryers, nippers, tweezers, comedo extractors, complexion sponges and brushes, heated mitts and booties for lotion absorption, and much, much more. As a Master Distributor, Spilo Worldwide represents exclusive lines such as: Personna, No-Tweeze Depilatory Wax and Menda Dispenser Bottles, as well as Spilo's own brands: Mehaz, Toolworx, Speed-O-Guide, HairWare, Beauty Basics and Just For Nails, to name but a few.

 Marc Spilo  



 Charles Spilo

A Tribute to Charles G. Spilo

"Many have asked where the carnation in our logo came from.
From the day that I met Charles, he wore a carnation in his lapel and a smile on his face. He was a rare and beautiful individual. He wore a fresh carnation every day, even when we were in countries where it was very cold. Somehow he still managed to find a fresh carnation. It always amazed me. When we got married, I planted carnations in our garden and to this day, they still hold a very special place in my heart.
The Spilo logo carries a carnation to honor the man who always cared so much for others."

Ann Spilo



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